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Midnight high, slender nightstand by Modà with a magnolia solid wood structure. Matt, glossy or Leaf lacquered finish.
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  • Garden Green and White glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand
  • Garden Green glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand
  • White glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand
  • White glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand
  • White glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand
  • White glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand
  • Amethyst Violet glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand
  • White glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand
  • Garden Green and White glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand
  • White glossy lacquered Midnight nightstand

Midnight nightstand by Modà is featured with long saber-shaped legs which reach the ground with a curvy silhouette; the base, which comes with a drawer, has an inferior concave profile with soft lines.
Thanks to its elegant look Midnight nightstand is the ideal item to furnish both bedrooms and modern living rooms by using it as a side table.

The structure made of magnolia solid wood and beech bent plywood can come in a matt, glossy, or Leaf lacquered finish; several colours and styles to create a classic and elegant nightstand or an original and ironic one. The high customization of this item is possible thanks also to the wide handles sample available.

- nightstand: cm 44 d.37 h.77,5

Structure Finish
- matt lacquer
- glossy lacquer
- Antique Leaf lacquer
- Black Vintage lacquer
- Coarse Leaf lacquer

Structure Colour Code
You can view all available finishes in detail by clicking on the "View Samples and Colour Codes" banner below the menu, and then write the desired code in the required field for the structure.

Internal Colours
The internal part of the nightstand will come in a matt or in a glossy lacquer according to its external finish; it is possible to choose the inside colour with a contrast colouration, in this case please write the desired colour code in the "Interior Contrast Colours Code" field.
By selecting the interior colour matching those of the external parts of the nightstand, the colour will be the same in case of matt or glossy lacquers, or it will come in a matching nuance chosen by the manufacturer in case of a Leaf lacquer.

If you choose the nightstand coming in a Black Vintage finish, please don't select any option in the "Interior Colours" menu and write only the chosen matt lacquered colour for the interior; you won't be charge with any additional price.

Handles Model
Handles Model You can choose the handles model among the ones present inside the samples page; after choosing the desired model please write the code in the "Handles Model Code" field.
For the model called "Round Medium handle with Pendant" please specify both Round handle code and the pendant colour code.

Technical Characteristics
The silver/gold leaf finish is realized with old traditional techniques, respecting the different working and drying phases: the lamina is applied by following accurate procedures and by using extremely high quality materials, like glues and glazes (for gliding). Metal leaf finishes result completely non-toxic. Lacquering is realized with non-toxic polyurethane paints, without chloride, mutagenic and teratogenic materials and in the highest quality finish, the brushed one, which is carried out through a "brushing" process of the product obtained using polishing pads to get the utmost evenness of the surface.




This product is made by Modà, a company from Brianza born from the creative genius of the interior designer Matteo Perego, who has clear ideas about fashion and life style, which have led to the creation of a one-of-a-kind brand.

With its furniture items Modà describes a timeless and space-less luxury, designed to express one self's personality. Quality and traditional craftsmanship are the secret of the exclusive shapes offered by the brand: decorations stolen from the classical tradition combine with modern elements in a studied fusion from which remarkable items derive. The stylistic versatility and the high level of customization of these design furniture is dedicated to those who wish to stand out and astonish through a well detailed furniture.

Modà "dresses the house" and it addresses customers with refined tastes and who are aware of the eco-sustainability topic. Modà house expresses a precise mood, ideal to express feelings and communicating the spirit of the people who choose this brand to furnish their spaces. In order to deeply understand Modà's soul it is necessary to experience its environments: a necessary which becomes reality thanks to Modà's showroom Virtual Tour.
No matter where you are, thanks to this Virtual Tour you will be able to allow yourself to "take a walk" in the Showroom and find out all the secrets to furnish an unique and exclusive house.

Additional Information

Country of Production Italy
Approximate Time Six working weeks for production
Number of Packages 1
Weight 9 Kg
Collection View all products from Modà-Collection (cod.mdc)

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