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  • Airport

    Tavolo allungabile Calligaris Airport
    Airport extending table by Calligaris with patented opening system. A dining table for the kitchen or living room.
  • Airport One

    Airport One extending table with glass top by Calligaris
    Airport One extending table by Calligaris with glass top. A dining table with glass top and satin-finished or chromed steel structure.
  • Akil

    Tavolo da pranzo allungabile Akil con piano in vetro satinato antigraffio grafite
    Akil extending dining table with painted metal structure. Wide range of top finishes available.
  • Alexis

    Tavolo con piano in legno massello modello 868
    Alexis solid wood extending table available with square or shaped legs. Extending or fixed dining table with a modern design.
  • Alicante

    Tavolo Alicante con gambe in ferro mod. rettangolare allungabile
    Alicante table with light and elegant iron legs. Available in different measurements and in the extending model.
  • Apollo

    Apollo extending rectangular table with satin metal structure; it comes in three sizes and in a wide range of finishes.
  • Arcos

    Tavolo da pranzo allungabile Arcos con struttura in legno essenza noce canaletto, piano in vetro nero e binario in alluminio brillantato
    Tavolo da pranzo allungabile Arcos; disponibile in quattro dimensioni con piano in cristallo e struttura in noce canaletto o metallo.
  • Aria

    Air design extending table - Canaletto walnut top and clear glass legs
    Aria design table in wood and glass. A dining table characterised by a sophisticated system of extensions on wheels.
  • Armando

    Tavolo da pranzo Armando in metallo verniciato bianco
    Armando modern dining table with simple lines; available as fixed or extending and in 8 different sizes.
  • Armonia Symphonia Allungabile

    Tavolo per sala da pranzo Armonia
    Armonia Symphonia table for the dining room; available in two models and different ash-wood and glossy lacquered finishes.
  • Aron

    Tavolo di design Aron di Bontempi con gambe in laccato rosso
    Aron design table by Bontempi with coloured lacquered legs or natural wooden ones. Rectangular top in glass or wood.
  • Artistico

    Tavolo allungabile con gambe incrociate Artistico di Bontempi
    Artistico extendible table with crossed legs by Bontempi; base in one colour or lacquered with different colours.
  • Artù

    Artù dining table with thermo-treated oak top and opaque lacquered legs in dust grey
    Artù modern table in wood or glass, with oak or white or black lacquered legs. Extendible or fixed dining table.
  • Axel

    Tavolo allungabile in cristallo colorato Axel
    Axel extending table in glass by Bontempi; available squared or rectangular and with anodized aluminium structure.
  • Azimut

    Azimut extending table with curved clear glass legs
    Azimut modern extending table with curved clear glass legs; top and extensions in tempered glass.
  • B-Movie

    Tavolo allargabile B-Movie in legno
    B-Movie extending solid wood table. Structure in solid ash wood and top in wood veneer, decapé or lacquer.
  • Badù

    Tavolo da cucina allungabile Badù
    Badù extending kitchen table with melamine top; available in three rectangular and extending sizes.
  • Baron

    Baront table by Calligaris with oblique legs
    Baron table by Calligaris; this table is extending and legs always remain at the corners of the top. Available in glass, ceramic, laminate or wood.
  • Barret

    Barret extending table with modern design
    Barret extending table with modern design, available in two measurements. A glass table suitable for modern kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms.
  • Basil

    Tavolo bianco allungabile Basil in finitura rovere poro aperto laccato opaco bianco puro
    Basil is a minimalist extendable table with corner legs for a maximum comfort of diners. Its peculiarity is the real wood veneer available in several colours.
  • Big Table

    Tavolo con gambe colorate Big Table - piano in noce e gambe rosso-arancio-verde-lilla BIS
    Big Table with coloured legs, fixed or extending, available in 3 different colour combinations.
  • Biko

    Tavolo allungabile da dieci posti Biko
    Biko 10 seats extending table in melamine and painted metal frame; available in two sizes.
  • Boboli

    Tavolo bianco modello Boboli
    Boboli white table available in several sizes, extendable and fixed, as well as finishes. Modern and attractive design.
  • Bond

    Tavolo nero rettangolare Bond
    Bond extending rectangular black table in smooth glossy polycarbonate. Fixed version also available.
  • Bonton

    Bonton white kitchen table
    Bonton white kitchen table also available with a beige melamine top. Essential design.
  • Boulevard

    Tavolo allungabile con piano in melaminico Boulevard in configurazione chiusa con gambe in metallo laccato bianco e piano in melaminico cappuccino poro aperto
    Boulevard extending table with melamine top; structure in lacquered metal and melamine top available in three colours.
  • Brabante

    Brabante extending glass table
    Brabante extending table with glass top; structure in wood essence or lacquer finish with telescopic extensions.
  • Brenta

    Tavolo in legno di design Brenta
    Tavolo in legno di design Brenta. Disponibile in otto dimensioni tra fisse e allungabili. Anche con piano in vetro.
  • Brera

    Brera extending table with solid wood structure
    Brera extending table with solid wood structure in several finishes and clear glass top.
  • Brera

    Brera living room extending table with white glass top
    Brera living room extending table in 3 sizes. Legs in stainless steel, white or graphite steel.
  • Brevis

    Tavolo allungabile in alluminio Brevis con struttura alluminio laccato grigio tortora e piano in melaminico corda poro aperto
    Brevis extending table in aluminium with top in glass or melamine; available in three measurements.
  • Bridge

    Tavolo allungabile moderno Bridge
    Tavolo allungabile moderno Bridge con piano e allunghe in vetro. Struttura in poliuretano e alluminio. In quattro dimensioni.
  • Brooklyn

    Tavolo allungabile in vetro Brooklyn con struttura in legno essenza rovere naturale e piano in vetro temprato extrachiaro bianco
    Tavolo allungabile in vetro Brooklyn con gambe a ponte in legno essenza, laccato o rivestite in cuoio. Anche nel modello fisso.
  • Brooklyn

    Tavolo Brooklyn con piano in vetro nero
    Brooklyn extending black glass top table with aluminium structure. Top also available in white or lacquered glass.
  • Butterfly

    Tavolo di design in marmo Butterfly
    Butterfly design marble table available in different models and finishes. Ideal in refined and sophisticated environments.
  • Calliope

    Calliope extending table with shaped legs
    Calliope extending table with onion-shaped legs, available in two measurements and in wooden or lacquered finish.
  • Cannaregio

    Tavolo moderno in vetro allungabile Cannaregio nel modello con piano in vetro beige, struttura in noce canaletto e binario in alluminio brillantato
    Tavolo moderno in vetro allungabile Cannaregio con struttura in alluminio. Disponibile anche nel modello fisso.
  • Carpenter

    Carpenter table with rustic base in dark walnut painted fir wood and clear glass top
    Carpenter is an extending table with rustic base made of fir wood painted in dark walnut finish.
  • Cartabianca

    Cartabianca extending rectangular table
    Cartabianca extending rectangular table with lacquered structure. Also available with a practical Thermopal melamine top.
  • Cartiglio

    Tavolo da pranzo allungabile modello Cartiglio
    Cartiglio extending dining table, realized in canaletto walnut or oak solid wood or in a lacquered finish in several colours.
  • Chat

    Chat table - black painted glass top
    Chat fixed or extending table with Doluflex® top and steel structure; top and extensions in different finishes.
  • Cherubino

    Tavolo allungabile dalle linee classiche Cherubino
    Tavolo allungabile dalle linee classiche Cherubino in legno di noce. Disponibile in un'ampia gamma di finiture per ambienti raffianti.
  • Chuck

    Tavolo in legno massello Chuck in configurazione chiusa con piano e struttura in finitura laccata bianca poro aperto
    Chuck extending solid wood table; with telescopic opening available in two colourings.
  • Cinetic

    Tavolo da pranzo Cinetic in legno di noce canaletto
    Cinetic elegant wooden dining table, available in a fixed or extending model and in several finishes.
  • Compact

    Tavolo quadrato allungabile Compact con piano in vetro e struttura in faggio tinto wengè
    Compact square extending table with clear, white or black glass top; rectangular version also available.
  • Contrail

    Allestimento con tavolo allungabile rivestito in cuoio Contrail
    Tavolo rettangolare allungabile rivestito in cuoio Contrail. Disponibile in due misure e con piano in cristallo verniciato nero.
  • Convoy

    Tavolo Convoy di Calligaris
    Convoy table by Calligaris extendable up to 230 cm and up to 280 cm. Laminate top and metal frame.
  • Corinto

    Tavolo rettangolare allungabile Corinto di Bontempi
    Corinto extending table by Bontempi, available with glass or melamine top.

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