Atlantic Open Wall Unit

Atlantic bathroom open wall unit available in several measurements and finishes. Optional towel holder.


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Bathroom open wall unit belongs to the Atlantic collection and is available in several models, measurements and finishes. Atlantic open wall unit is thought both as an independent wall mounted furniture, and as part of a combination with other elements from the Atlantic collection, thus creating original compositions with the bathroom cabinet.

several measurements and finishes
either independent or part of a composition
perfect to match with the furniture from the same collection
optional towel holder to fasten under the wall unit

Models and Measurements
Width: cm 25 / 35 / 50 / 70 / 85 / 95 / 105
Depth: cm 20,8 / 37 / 50
Height: cm 25 / 50 / 75 / 119,3

Materials and Finishes
- melamine
- lacquer: matt, glossy, on melamine
- wood veneer

Information for your Quote
If you choose the cm 50 and 75 high models. the wall unit is available both with single open compartment or with two compartments with internal shelf. The cm 119,3 high open wall unit has three separate compartments.

Technical study

Materials Specifications
Structure: cm 1,8 thick panels made of V100, E1 class waterproof particle wood.

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Back: pierced to adjust the wall unit after it is mounted to the wall; it is equipped with a pair of chromed hole covers that remain visible by looking at the wall unit from the front.

Optional Elements
Towel holder: in chromed metal, available in the cm 30 / 50 th.2,8 h.8 Pandora model and in the 32 / 60 th.1,5 h.8 Frame model.

Additional Information

Country of Production
Easy Assembling
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This bathroom furniture is a 100% Italian product made by a company from the province of Pordenone that started in the field during the 90s. Initially oriented towards the production of classic and modern bathrooms, it grew throughout the years earning national and international fame in the water and sanitary system as well. The company headquarters cover mq 16.500 and are equipped with innovative machinery. Its business is characterised by the high quality standard of the materials employed, studied and renovated every year to follow the latest fashion. The solid wood comes from forests that follow regularised policies regarding tree cutting and all the other materials are either recycled or recyclable. Every productive phase takes place inside the company itself in order to guarantee the highest monitoring level.

The company creates its personal models but still focuses on the needs of modern housings in terms of space and taste. Moreover, the modular nature of the products allows for high customisable projects. It is possible to widen the initial composition with additional accessories and equipment in every moment. The wide collection and the colour range offered cover several different styles and types of environment: from a more elegant and refined bathroom to an original design, from soft and natural shades to pastel colours. Cabinets with drawers and baskets placed under the basin, wall-hung drawers, columns to store linen or beauty products, dressing tables of the most diverse shapes: the bathroom vanities of this collection are thought to satisfy every need.

Bathroom Furniture

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