Valet Stands

  • Indossatore da camera in legno Akia.


    Akia bedroom valet in solid wood with tray for object; available simple or double.

  • Servomuto con porta pantaloni Beak in faggio naturale e tinto ciliegio.


    Beak valet stand with trouser clamp hanger; it maintains the clothes perfectly tighten maintaining the fold.

  • Stiracalzoni elettrico Edgar su ruote.


    Edgar electric trouser press with casters; complete with accessories and made of cherry or wengé painted beech wood.

  • Stirapantaloni elettrico Iron in legno di faggio naturale e tinto ciliegio.


    Iron electric trouser press in beech wood, it allows a practical and impeccable ironing of the trousers.

  • Appendiabiti servomuto Quasimodo di Emporium con ganci in metacrilato blu (non disponibile)


    Quasimodo valet stand for bedroom by Emporium. Hooks available in different colours.

  • Servomuto con ruote Smartly in legno di faggio naturale e tinto ciliegio.


    Smartly wooden valet stand with casters; it can be moved and easily placed everywhere.

  • Servomuto pieghevole Up & Down in legno di faggio tinto wengè.

    Up & Down

    Up & Down folding valet stand made of beech wood; thanks to the minimum encumbrance it can be replaced anywhere after the use.

  • Yannik valet stand with seat by Cattelan, matt black painted ashwood seat


    Yannik valet stand with seat by Cattelan is made of black metal with Canaletto walnut hooks. Elegant, modern accessory for the bedroom.