Outlet Rugs

  • Tappeto fantasia con esagoni scontato Acapulco

    Acapulco Outlet

    Special Price €592.00
  • Alicante Outlet modern rectangular colourful rug

    Alicante Outlet

    Special Price €599.00
  • Aliwal round and square rug, one above the other

    Aliwal Outlet Mod.A

    Special Price €377.00
  • Aspen soft fleece rug at a Promotional Price.

    Aspen Outlet

    Special Price €553.00
  • Tappeto rettangolare con bordo rosso Basel Outlet

    Basel Outlet

    Special Price €435.00
  • Bruges rectangular rug with cotton edge

    Bruges Outlet Mod.B

    Special Price €577.00
  • Tappeto scontato morbido Cardiff Outlet

    Cardiff Outlet

    Special Price €177.00
  • Detroit Outlet coloured rug square pattern

    Detroit Outlet

    Special Price €456.00
  • Tappeto rettangolare tinta unita Dover Outlet

    Dover Outlet Mod.B

    Special Price €362.00
  • Dublin Outlet large and resistant square carpet in a neutral dove colour and with cotton border

    Dublin Outlet

    Special Price €1,360.00
  • Tappeto rettangolare in lana color sabbia Dublin

    Dublin Outlet Mod.C

    Special Price €390.00
  • Tappeto grigio scontato e in pronta consegna Dublin Outlet Mod.D

    Dublin Outlet Mod.D

    Special Price €924.00
  • Tappeto moderno beige Venice

    Venice Outlet Mod.A

    Special Price €990.00