Outlet Sofas and Sofa Beds

  • Ballantine light grey sofa at a Promotional Price

    Ballantine Outlet Mod.B

    Special Price €2,690.00
  • Birba sofa bed with pull out extra single mattress

    Birba Sofa Outlet

    Special Price €1,560.00
  • Julian Outlet sofa bed with horizontal opening

    Julian Outlet

    Special Price €1,869.00
  • Moser Outlet is a 2 seater waiting room sofa at a promotional price and ready for delivery

    Moser Outlet Mod.A

    Special Price €1,476.00
  • Moser outlet orange 3 seater sofa with decorative cushions included

    Moser Outlet Mod.B

    Special Price €1,998.00
  • Divano lineare con chaise longue Noah di HomePlaneur

    Noah Outlet Mod.B

    Special Price €1,790.00
  • Noah Slim Outlet red fabric sofa bed

    Noah Slim Outlet

    Special Price €1,758.00
  • Prisma Air Outlet minimal modular sofa

    Prisma Air Outlet

    Special Price €2,384.00