HomePlaneur Sofa Beds

  • Divano letto con seduta profonda modello Austin

    Design Sofa Bed

    Austin is a deep seating sofa bed with a single fixed seat cushion. Covered in fabric, leather or eco-leather. Up to 2 metres deep mattresses.

  • Divano letto lineare 3 posti Belfort di HomePlaneur

    Sofa Bed

    Belfort is a 2/3 seater compact sofa bed with custom arms. Upholstered in fabric, eco-leather and leather. Removable covers.

  • Birba sofa bed with pull out extra single mattress

    Birba Sofa Outlet

    Special Price €1,560.00

    Birba sofa bed with pull out extra single mattress. At a discounted price and ready for delivery it is a practical solution for your children's bedroom.

  • Colin sofa bed with storage chaise longue

    Modular Sofa Bed

    Colin sofa bed with storage chaise longue available in various versions and 8 models of arm.

  • Damian

    Design Sofa Bed

    Damian sleeper sofa with chaise, high chromed feet and a large single, double or French pocket-spring mattress. Also 2 or 3 seater.

  • Derby prompt ready sofa bed

    Futon Sofa Bed

    Derby prompt ready sofa bed with a removable cover serving as a blanket. Ideal as a guest bed in a holiday house.

  • Hector sofa bed with 18cm high mattress

    High Mattress Sofa Bed

    Hector is a comfy sofa bed with a 18cm high mattress. Easy fold-out bed suitable for frequent use.Covers totally removable.

  • Jordan fabric futon sofa bed for guests

    Futon Sofa Bed

    Jordan is a fabric futon sofa bed for guests, the cover is fully removable and the sofa bed opens up from the front. Armchair available.

  • Julian narrow space-saving sofa bed

    Horizontal Sofa Bed

    Julian is a narrow space-saving sofa bed with an horizontal 160 cm sleeping surface. Perfect for small spaces or in long and narrow rooms.

  • Noah sofa bed with wooden slats

    Design Sofa Bed

    Noah is a sofa bed with wooden slats, available also in sofa version. Covered in fabric, eco-leather, leather. Chaise-end and corner models.

  • Noah sofa bed with wooden slats

    Noah Slim
    Modular Sofa Bed

    Noah comfortable slim sofa: a practical sofa with pull-out bed ideal for a frequent use. Linear, corner or with chaise longue.

  • Noah Slim Outlet red fabric sofa bed

    Noah Slim Outlet

    Special Price €1,650.00

    Noah Slim red fabric sofa bed at a Promotional price and ready for delivery. Compact slim sofa for everyday bed use equipped with a pocket spring standard double mattress.