Relaxing Armchairs

  • Appeal armchair with lift-up mechanism

    Relax Armchair

    Appeal relaxing armchair with lift-up mechanism. Available manual or automatic with lift-up device in fabric or faux leather.

  • Arya riser recliner faux leather armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Arya riser recliner faux leather relaxing armchair provides the user with the utmost comfort and support; dual motor with remote.

  • Balance Relax electric armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Balance Relax electric classic armchair, with cover in fabric, faux leather or leather in several colours. Also with lifting system.

  • Dalia electric recliner riser armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Dalia is an electric recliner riser relaxing armchair, available with single e dual motor mechanism; available in fabric and faux leather.

  • Poltrona reclinabile elettrica Denver

    Relax Armchair

    Denver dual motor recliner riser relaxing armchair allows you to operate backrest and footrest independently and to stand up effortlessly.

  • Icaro wall saver recliner armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Icaro wall saver recliner relaxing armchair is suitable for those having limited space in the living room; fabric or faux leather.

  • Poltrona relax imbottita Leslie

    Relax Armchair

    Leslie snooze motorised relaxing armchair is a riser and recliner seat, available in fabric, faux leather or leather with removable covers.

  • Libra relax electric armchair fitted with dual motor reclining mechanism; in fabric and faux leather

    Relax Armchair

    Libra relax electric armchair with a dual motor mechanism and riser device is covered in removable fabric or faux leather.

  • Lysa riser recliner blue armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Lysa riser recliner blue armchair; also in several other fabric or faux leather colours. The relaxing mechanism is fitted with two electric motors.

  • Poltrona reclinabile Medora per anziani

    Relax Armchair

    Medora power recliner riser armchair allows you to change from a straight sitting position to a relaxed snooze one.

  • Morgana recliner lift armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Morgana recliner lift armchair is ideal for elderly people as it allows its user to stand up with ease; removable covers in fabric or faux leather.

  • Perseo power reclining armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Perseo power reclining relaxing armchair with dual motor mechanism to adjust headrest and footrest; available in fabric or faux leather.

  • Pierrette relax armchair with removable cover

    Relax Armchair

    Pierrette relax armchair with removable cover in fabric or faux leather with manual or motorised mechanism.

  • Sansa snooze reclining armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Sansa snooze reclining armchair is also fitted with riser mechanism operated by a dual power motor. Upholstered in fabric or faux leather.

  • Teide modern electric recliner armchair

    Relax Armchair

    Teide modern electric recliner relaxing armchair in fabric or faux leather and with wireless control remote, possible decorative piping.