Variable™ Balans®
Ergonomic Stool

Variable™ Balans® swing stool for desk by Variér, suitable for adults and kids. A perfect idea for an home-office area.


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  • natur ash wood glulam
  • black lacquered ash wood glulam

Discounted Price: €329.00


Variable™ Balans® by Variér is a swing stool for desk, which favours movements and the wellness of the back. The curved ash wood glulam structure is particularly flexible and resistant to stresses, whereas the cover of seat and knee rests is in fabric or leather.

it keeps the axis neck/back in a vertical position, thus reducing cervical problems
it offers a comfortable, correct and variable position, which improves concentration
it allows a better chest dilation (and therefore a better brain oxygenation) to improve concentration levels
it reduces the burden of the lumbar region to reduce lumbar problems and pains
it allows to freely move forearms to reduce problems of arms and shoulders
it stimulates the contraction of calf muscles to avoid feelings of heaviness of the inferior limb
optional spacers to make the stool suitable for children
optional back to favour the lengthening and stretching of the back during prolonged working sessions

Variable™ Balans® stool is manufactured by Variér, which is specialized in the manufacturing of ergonomic products designed to last through time and based upon body movements and wellness of the back.

- cm 52 d.72 h.51
Stool height with back: cm 93

Materials and Finishes
- ash wood glulam: Natur, black lacquer
Seat and Knee Rests:
- fabric, leather

Interior Designer's Opinion

Interior Designer's Opinion
PostureVariable™ Balans® swing stool for desk by Variér is the perfect stool to meet the endless needs of our time. The working day will pass more easily with a chair which favours an upright posture, which stimulates concentration, creativity and study. 
Variable™ Balans® is perfect for the bedroom of the kids: by improving posture, breathing and energy levels, this chair will help them to improve their study. At the same time, the "dynamic seat" reacts to any struggle, activating and reinforcing the back and abdominal muscles, thus guaranteeing the right posture also for kids since their young age.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
PostureBalans®: System thanks to the slightly forward tilted seat axis and to the knee rest, it widens the angle between legs and chest to reduce the weight which falls on the back, putting it on the knees and on the feet. This allows to remain seated longer without feeling the struggle. In addition, the swing base favours movements and allows the user to assume different postures, leaving its column in a physiological asset and improving breathing and blood circulation. Essential to treat postural problems.
structure: realized with wood coming from cultivated forests where the cut is carried out by following criteria of sustainability. Laminates are manufactured with water-based ecological glue.

glulam back: matching the structure or with removable upholstered cushion, ideal for a long working day and to relax. The removable cushion is featured with a 4 cm upholstery and it closes by means of a zip placed on the back.
spacers: to reduce the distance between the seat and the knee rests of cm 2,5. Ideal for kids and adults with a small height. Spacers are available in a natural finish.
pair of protective felt pads: anti-slip strips ideal to protect delicate floors. The felt pads are available in a black or natural colour.


Additional Information

Peter Opsvik
Country of Production
Not exportable to the United Kingdom or EIRE
Assembling Instructions
Download the Assembling Instructions
Number of Packages
6 Kg
Cubic Metres
0,04 m³
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This product has been realized byVariér®, a Norwegian company specialized in the manufacturing of ergonomic seats for the house and home office environments, established in 2006 but present on the market since 1979 with the name of Stokke; currently it is active in 36 countries around the world.

The main strong point of Variér is represented by the combination of the know-how related to body wellness, aesthetics of beautiful shapes and good quality design. From this declaration it derives chairs, stools and armchairs, real sitting tools which combine modern design and functionality, designed to last through time.

The different seats allow you to get in an ergonomically correct position that allows to breathe better and keeps the axis neck/back in a vertical position, allows to freely move arms and legs, reduces the burden of the lumbar region and improves the concentration levels.


"Variér seats are the product of the knowledge of that extraordinary complex machine that is the human body, to which all our creations are inspired. Whe know which positions allow it to stretch. We know on which points we have to concentrate to better sustain it. We know that it is designed to move and thus cannot stay still for a long time. The shapes of our seats, as much as bold and unconventional, have been designed following this principles. Because for us creativity does not exists without functionality."


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